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Skirting Tradition - Page 3


First Light Skirt

$55 | stio.com

/ The Dirt /
Stio, a new outdoor-apparel company out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, created this skirt with a simple-does-it approach to technical functionality. The unique ripstop skirt fabric sports a DWR coating for high water- and wind-resistance. A rear waistband pocket secures with a zip, while plush front pockets offer a cozy spot for your hands post-run. Sizing runs small.
/ Rave /
Testers praised the good length and reliable coverage. The liner shorts are made of an exceptionally soft, brushed jersey knit. Though short, they stayed reasonably put.
/ Rant /
With no elastic or adjustability in the waist—a side-zip keeps it snug—the fit was difficult to dial in.
/ Tester-Monial /
“I like the sweatband on the inside of the skirt, but dislike how high the skirts sits on the waist.”

Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt

$75 | skirtsports.com

/ The Dirt /
Don’t let the end of summer equal the end of skirt season! This skirt’s below-the-knee, all-mesh capri leggings stay in place well, offering both an effective liner beneath the skirt and warmth for cooler-weather runs. With a wide waistband yoke, the skirt has a pleasant slimming effect.
/ Rave /
Testers appreciated the stylish pattern, as well as the substantial, comfortable capri liners—allowing for chafe-free, breezy runs!
/ Rant /
One bummer was the lack of zippered pockets. Testers also felt that the heavier fabrics were too bulky for racing.
/ Tester-Monial /
“It’s a great option for someone who wants the function of spandex without the contour-exposing look of tight clothing.”

Nine Trails Skirt

$59 | patagonia.com

/ The Dirt /
A tried-and-true running skirt, the Nine Trails has benefited from years of feedback from pro athletes and subsequent design tweaks. The soft polyester-spandex blend stretches easily, and a wide drawcord waistband dials in the fit. Two rear hip pockets with hook-and-loop closures securely stow energy gels.
/ Rave /
Quick-drying fabric recovers well from rainy bouts, and won’t snag when cruising through narrow, brushy singletrack. The skirt also stays down well, even in high winds.
/ Rant /
The extremely short liner shorts (“butt-huggers,” in the words of one tester) and overall shorter skirt length left several testers nervous about coverage while running.
/ Tester-Monial /
“The Nine Trails felt smooth and soft against my skin. I really enjoyed this skirt to run in, but almost liked it more for a post-run piece.”


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