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Ian Torrence Friday, 20 September 2013 09:43 TWEET COMMENTS 0

Crank Up the Cadence

A simple way to improve your form, avoid injury and run faster


Hit the right tempo—at least 45 strikes per foot in 30 seconds—to improve your running form and injury resistance. Photo by Patitucciphoto.

This article originally appeared in our September 2013 issue.

Trail running isn’t easy. Steep ascents and descents, rocks, roots and mud are all hurdles of the game. It takes lots of energy to do all that dodging, weaving and dancing. What’s more, the trails increase the likelihood of injury from tripping, slipping and charging up and down those quad-crushing slopes.

To increase your running efficiency and resistance to injury, the following simple running form tweaks offer an easy, well, at least simple, answers to a tough sport’s tough questions.


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