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It's Good To Be King - Page 7

Showing good form in the mile in PE, 1994, Scenic Middle School, Central Point, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Max King Collection.


As we looped back, up and over Cline Butte for a fourth time, King talked about his decision to leave his job as a chemical engineer at Bend Research. “My family was a little freaked out. My grandpa still asks when I’m going back to my old job. He’s of the mindset that when you have a good job, you keep it. Well, now I’ve got a good job, and I’m keeping it.”

To supplement his income, King works part-time as a shoe buyer at FootZone in downtown Bend. “I apply my engineering degree to my job now with fitting shoes,” he says. He studies the catalogues, reads countless shoe reviews and then figures out what people will buy. When the store gets busy he lends a hand on the floor. “Engineering is about solving problems. Every time a person comes into the store for a pair of shoes, there’s a problem.

“[At Bend Research], I was working on drugs related to obesity and diabetes. I feel better about putting people in shoes.” Max is an advocate of running shoes over weight-loss pills. “I’ve got more verification with what I do now.”



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