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Yitka Winn Wednesday, 10 July 2013 16:16 TWEET COMMENTS 0

5 Fixes for Bodily Trail-Run Woes - Page 4

4. Bloody Nipples

These are no fun to talk about, and even less fun to actually deal with in real life. Many runners attempt to thwart this nasty effect of chafing by putting Band-Aids over their nipples, but they don’t generally stay put once a little sweat enters the picture.

The Fix: Pro-Tec LiquiCell Nipple Protectors
$10/Pack of 8; www.injurybegone.com
That’s right; this is enough of a dilemma for runners that Pro-Tec specifically designed a product to squelch it. These handy little bandages come equipped with LiquiCell protectant to reduce friction, and the peel-and-stick application stays in place for multiple runs.


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