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Jade Belzberg Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:06 TWEET COMMENTS 9

The Lore of the Running Streak

Runners talk about their reasons, challenges and results of running every day

Photo by Flickr user Damian Gadal // Creative Commons

I can’t tell you the last time I logged more than five days in a row of running, but Una Beaudry can. She’s consecutively run more than 1,131 days and has no plan to stop.

“We [my husband and I] started the streak on January 1, 2011, [we were] planning for 100 days," says Beaudry. “When we reached that, we decided to go for 365, and after that it was never a question to not continue.”

Beaudry, 47, an IT Manager living in Ottawa, Ontario, and her husband, Steve, are not unique in their running streak. There’s even an official organization–the United States Running Streak Association–with a consistently updated data list of American Running Streakers. $20 will buy you a yearly membership and your streak can start immediately. However, you won’t be officially recorded as an “Active” member until you’ve run every day for one consecutive year, at a minimum of one mile per day.

The shortest streak currently on record? 399 days. And the longest? Currently Jon Sutherland, 63, of West Hills, California. He’s been running for more than 44 years.

What seems ludicrous to most is simple to Beaudry: “It’s routine now, part of my day.” The idea of running so many days in a row was strange for Beaudry at first, too. She says, “Part of the reason we started the running streak was because I had lost the ‘running love.’” But the streak worked. “I got the love back.”


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