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Adidas Adizero XT

$85, 10.5 oz, www.adidas.com

The Adizero XT has been on the market a couple of years, and this latest generation deserves consideration by anyone looking for a fast, light training and racing shoe. An aggressive outsole contrasts with a super-flexy midsole, providing for both great traction and good trail feel.

Its low-profile midsole provides ample heel cushioning but little forefoot protection, while the upper features a gusseted tongue and breathable mesh upper. The Adizero XT fits runners with narrow to medium feet and medium to high arches, and is best for those with a neutral footstrike.

TESTERMONIAL: “I love how grippy, flexible and super low to the ground the soles are, which enhanced my ability to quickly and safely navigate technical, hilly trails. The  Adizero  XT is my new favorite all-around trail shoe.”

—Cindy Gibson, Honolulu, HI


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