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Terra Plana Neo Trail

Terra Plana Neo Trail

$130, 8.7 oz, www.terraplana.com

The Dirt. For those seeking a barefoot runner with attitude, look no further. The Neo Trail is the newest member of the VIVOBAREFOOT family, a series of minimalist shoes constructed of eco-friendly components (the sole is made of recycled industrial, non-toxic rubber).

One tester said the shoe offered better traction than other barefoot models he had tried. The Neo Trail is equipped with multi-directional lugs and a highly water-resistant upper, with a stiffer and more protective midsole than the New Balance 110. Testers commented that the shoe felt "deeper" than most zero-drop minimal shoes.

Fit. The shoe best fits medium- to high-volume feet. The heel and mid-foot fit comfortably and there is ample wiggle room in the toebox.

Best For. Ideal for a minimalist runner looking for an all-around, good-traction shoe, the Neo Trail handles technical terrain with ease. The upper doesn't breathe well and can feel warm in summer months.

Tester-monial. "The shoe was light and encouraged a mid-foot landing, and I had plenty of traction and protection on medium to long runs. My feet stayed dry in wet cross-country-style conditions." —Jeremy Duncan, Carbondale, Colorado


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