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Montrail Mountain Masochist, Outdry

Montrail Mountain Masochist, Outdry

Editor’s Choice

12.2 oz, $140, www.montrail.com

The Dirt. The new Mountain Masochist Outdry fits the same as the standard Mountain Masochist, but offers a waterproof-breathable winterized system: Outdry. Even when blasted with water under a faucet, Outdry, which is laminated directly to the upper, kept moisture from entering the shoe. Testers feet stayed warm and dry through water crossings and did not overheat in moderate temps.

A rock plate runs the entire length of the shoe, protecting feet against nature's booby traps, while a firm but cushioned midsole and dual-density arch support provide stability for long runs.

Fit. A light stability shoe, the Mountain Masochist is ideal for neutral to slight overpronators and best fits a medium- to high-volume foot. Best For. All types of trails, and over any distance. Due to the addition of Outdry, the shoe shines in wet and cold conditions.

Tester-monial. "I was pleasantly surprised with this winterized version of the Mountain Masochist. The Outdry breathes well and does an incredible job of keeping out moisture. My feet stayed dry during an extremely sloppy trail run."  —Jeremy Duncan, Carbondale, Colorado


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