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Top 10 Dog Breeds for Trail Runners - Page 2



3. Goldendoodle


Creative Commons / Photo by Flickr user CheeseyMush

The loyal and smart goldendoodle–a mix of the family-friendly golden retriever and the graceful poodle–is a great running partner for medium-distance runners. Their strong desire to please, as well as their natural athleticism and affinity for water, make them easygoing partners.


4. Standard Poodle


Creative Commons / Photo by Flickr user Tim Wilson

The affectionate, and often misunderstood, standard poodle is an outgoing (and hypoallergenic) dog that loves to run. Its name is derived from the German "pudelhund," which roughly translates to "splashing dog," as it was originally bred as a water retriever.


5. Vizsla


Creative Commons / Photo by Flickr user 1000zen

Though not a common breed, Vizslas make excellent endurance-running partners. Built for speed but agile enough to tackle tricky trails, the gentle but robust breed is a great choice.


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