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Matthew Irving Friday, 30 March 2012 11:28 TWEET COMMENTS 0

140 Miles to Save our Wild Salmon

Photographer, Matthew Irving follows Luke Nelson and Ty Draney on their 140-mile Great Salmon Run.


Luke Nelson, 31, of Pocatello, Idaho, and Ty Draney, 37, of Afton, Wyoming, ran alongside the sockeye salmon’s migration route in the Columbia and Snake River Basin, in Wyoming’s Star Valley, this past summer to raise money for Save Our Wild Salmon, which has a mission to “restore self-sustaining, abundant and harvestable populations of wild salmon and steelhead to rivers, streams and oceans of the Pacific Salmon state.” We recently posted Luke Nelson's story here.

And, browse photographer Matthew Irving's gallery and captions from the adventure, below:



Watching Ty and Luke eat the night before was an impressive sight to behold. I'll never know how their bodies were able to take in that much food.


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