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No More Gels, Part II - Page 6

6. Huma Chia Gels


$11.25 for box of 5, $54 for box of 24


Though these call themselves "gels," they are worlds apart from most other energy gels on the market. The primary ingredient in many gels is maltodextrin, a synthetically produced sugar. Since it's easy to digest, it provides a quick blast of energy. However, that energy blast might later send you into a spiraling sugar crash.

The first ingredient in these gels is actual fruit—strawberries or apple puree—followed by natural sweeteners, ground chia seeds and a hint of sea salt. Each 100-calorie packet is a welcome boost of energy on a long run, with just a touch of nutritional fat to help your body absorb nutrients faster. According to Huma, the high-fiber chia seeds help control carbohydrate absorption so you don’t experience the dreaded sugar rush.

The consistency of the seeds may take a bit of getting used to.

Available at health-food stores, running stores, grocery stores and online.



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