Nominate Your Trail Club

Are you part of an awesome trail-running group? Tell us about it!

Trail running is a sport often fueled by community and camaraderie. Undoubtedly, many of you are a part of official or unofficial trail-running groups where you live. We want to know about them! In anticipation of an upcoming feature on spotlighting some of the best trail-running clubs in the world, we want to hear from you what makes your club unique, fabulous and deserving of some Trail Runner love. Deadline October 25.

We're also offering a free year's subscription to Trail Runner to those who nominate the top groups we ultimately decide to feature! (One subscription per featured club; if multiple people nominate the same club, we'll do a random drawing to determine who wins the free subscription.)


P.S. If you have a few photos of your group you want to share, you can email them to, with the words ‘Best Trail-Running Club’ in your subject line.

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