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Q&A with Spring 2013 Trophy Series Leaders

Leaders range from Zen-loving beer enthusiast to 11-year-old Olympic aspirant

Nicholas Davis (tied for 1st in Ultra Male category) around mile 65 of the Badger Mountain Challenge 100 in Kennewick, Washington. Photo by Rusty Bachman

This year’s Trail Runner Trophy Series is off to a roaring start, with 20 races (of 136 total) down so far, and several runners taking early leads in each category. Below, the leaders in each category took a few minutes to chat with us about their experiences so far, what makes them tick and their goals for the rest of the season.

Female Marathon and Longer
1. Megan Hall, 24, Oak Harbor, WA—400 points
2. Melanie Peters, 29, White Lake, MI—304.8 points
3. Jude Ultra, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada—300 points

Male Marathon and Longer
Tied-1. Scot Hartman, 43, Thornton, CO—400 points
Tied-1. Nicholas Davis, 24, Fort Collins, CO—400 points
Tied-2. Ray Churgovich, 47, Broomfield, CO—300 points
Tied-2. Graham Johnson, 32, Anacortes, WA—300 points

Female Non-Marathon
1. Angela Minnefield, 50, Fishers, IN—105.5 points
2. Katy Goggin, 31, Indianapolis, IN—89.6 points
3. Desiree Powell, 52, Enid, OK—75.1 points

Male Non-Marathon
1. Cameron Plate, 11, Tulsa, OK—101.3 points
2. Mark Dolph, 55, Tulsa, OK—98.9 points
3. Rick Motter, 64, Henderson, KY—80.9 points

See full standings here.



Photo courtesy of Megan Hall

How did you get into trail running?
I have been running ever since my mom had my siblings and I run-walking telephone poles for exercise (PE) as a homeschooler. Although we did not find it fun at the time, something about it kept me coming back for more. So I joined cross country and track all through middle school and until college.

I had no idea that there were such things as ultra races until I graduated college in 2011. It was like this whole other side of a running gem that I never knew of. And that’s where the new passion began ... and how I met my fiancé, Mike Johnston, who ran the Badger Mountain Challenge as well last year.

You improved your time from last year at the Badger Mountain Challenge by quite a bit … what went differently this year?
Last year, it being my first 100, I thought it was an impossible goal that I could die doing, or at least be foaming at the mouth before I could finish. This year I had more confidence.

What's your favorite thing about trail running?
No matter how many bad days I have ... there is always another day, another trail, another sunrise, another fellow runner around the corner that renews my spirit and life perspective.

Running has not just been about me and my goals. It has involved my family as a whole … from the time my mom had us running telephone poles to counting on my dad to be at the start and finish of almost every race from middle school to even now. My parents have been my crew at the three 100s I have done.

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