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Roll Into Trail Shape - Page 2

Rollerblade workouts

Interval workout
- Warm up with 10 minutes of easy skating.
- Skate hard for 4 minutes, with an effort level similar to half-marathon race pace.Take continuous strides, even on slight downhills. Bend deeply at the waist
(think of a speed skater).
- Slightly flex your stance leg.
- Skate an easy 2 minutes between intervals, returning to a more upright posture.
- Repeat 4 minutes hard followed by 2 minutes recovery until you complete five hard intervals.
- Cool down with 10 minutes of easy skating.

Incline workout
Find a long, gradual (five- to 10-percent grade) hill at least one-quarter-mile long, preferably with minimal turns.
- Warm up with 10 minutes of easy skating.
- From the base of the hill, sprint uphill for one minute at 5K or 1-mile race-pace effort.
Lower your center of gravity by bending farther from the waist and bending the knees farther to deepen stance.
Push as hard as possible with your legs.
Swing your arms for balance.
- Stand upright and coast
back down the hill. Use your brake gently with your back knee bent to control speed on the way down.
Reach the base of the hill with about 20 to 30 seconds to spare before a 2-minute rest interval is over.
- Repeat until you complete 10 intervals.
- Cool down with 10 minutes of easy skating.

Free-skate workout
- Go to an empty parking lot. Skate like a kid,  and try new things! For example:
- Weave through obstacles
- Carve tight turns
- Crossover skating: push one leg across the other while turning
- Roll and turn on one leg
- Turn from facing forward to backward to forward while rolling
- Roll with feet in heel-to-toe position
- Grapevine skating: cross feet in front and behind each other while rolling forward
- Roll in crouched position, or crouch with one foot extendedDonald Buraglio (www.runningandrambling.com), MPT, is a physical therapist and ultrarunner in Monterey County, California. He is the co-author of The Running Life: Wisdom and Observations from a Lifetime of Running.


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