Off-Season Solution

Cure the winter blues with snowshoe running

Running in snowshoes along a snow-covered path surrounds you with winter's magic. ...


Recipe for Race-Day Success

The sport's top guns brew up a heaping helping of nutritional pointers

The night before the 2006 Western States100-Mile Endurance Run, I joined ultrarunning stalwarts ...


What's That Thorn in My Shin?

Avoid this common early season injury

Have you ever had that annoying pain down the medial (most common) or lateral/anterior side of your tibia? ...


Quick Cleanup for the Office

Ask the Coach

I run during my lunch hour, and because of the short time often make it a hard run ...

Gearing Up

When to Replace Shoes?

Ask the Coach

In the last seven months, I have lost over 40 pounds from trail running. But I am still 240 and ...

Gearing Up

So You Want to be a Trail Runner

Six tips to get you hooked on off-road running

My first trail run, along the Mesa Trail in Boulder, Colorado’s Chataqua Park, was not what ...

Gearing Up
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